COVID-19 Updates

Last Update: June 1st, 2022

Rental Package Update

Due to greatly increased demands on our products, we have encountered both low stock issues and constant container delays due the US Customs and Border Protection inspections at the Los Angeles port, we will unfortunately need to temporarily suspend the G&G Rental Package discounts for rifles only. We have done our best to supply our dealers the best we can, but will need to take some steps to keep up with the skyrocketing demand for products. As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes less severe, we are hopeful that it will not be long until we manage to return our stock levels back to normal and offer the G&G Rental Package discounts for rifles again. We are tremendously grateful for the support and care our dealers have always shown us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Updated Same-Day Shipping Cut-off Times:

  • UPS - 3:15 PM PST (UPS picks up all shipments at 4 PM PST)
  • USPS - 1:15 PM PST (USPS picks up all shipments at 2 PM PST)

If you have questions regarding products or your order, please send us an email via our Contact Us webpage. Dealers can still contact their sales representative via email as well.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time. Please stay home, observe social distancing guidelines, stay healthy, and stay safe!

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

For Consumers:

What should we do regarding warranty?

We are now accepting RMAs but at a limited capacity. If you have any RMA inquiries, we highly recommend that you contact your local store or the original authorized dealer you purchased from. Thank you for your patience and support. We hope to be up and running normally soon!

For Dealers:

Are you still open and shipping?

Yes, we are still open and shipping. The 101 Team are still available to answer questions, but please note that their responses may be a bit delayed. We will try our best to ship on the same day, however please note that there is a chance that your shipping times may be delayed and delivery times are not guaranteed.

Are you accepting drop ships?

Yes, we are accepting drop ships! We encourage our dealers to continue doing business remotely and are ready to help ship drop ship orders for you. We have also waived any drop ship service fees during this difficult time in support of our dealers.