Perun Upgrade MOSFET Kit for G&G ETU AEG Gearboxes (Discontinued)

MSRP | $65

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Perun Upgrade MOSFET Kit for G&G ETU AEG Gearboxes
  • Upgrade Kit for G&G ETU enhances your trigger unit by adding several new options. Simply disconnect the stock electronic board and plug in our Upgrade Kit. The stock trigger unit is retained, so there is no need to open the gearbox.
  • Possibility to set any combination of the following firing modes under "SEMI" and "AUTO" selector positions independently: - safe - semi-automatic - 2 to 5 round burst - full-automatic
  • G&G ETU has an active brake, which is retained in the upgrade kit. Active brake allows to stop the motor after each shot. In case of double shot problem in replicas with high rate of fire, active brake will be an effective solution. It can also prevent compression of the main spring for a longer time, if you will fire a shot with AB on before a storing your replica for a longer time. Active brake is can be switched on or off at any time in few seconds.
  • Upgrade kit works without problems with any battery from 7V do 17V
  • Battery protection mode, dedicated to Li-Po batteries.

Warranty Period

The warranty period on this product is 1 year