The following terms consist of the warranty that covers your purchase. This rifle has a warranty period of 90 days for GC series / 13 months for GT series, beginning on the purchase date of the product.

What is Covered / Not Covered

G&G Armament products are warranted and protected from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days for GC Series or 13 months for GT Series. The following are not covered by G&G Armament warranty:

  1. Any modifications, alterations or removal of the orange tip will void G&G Armament warranty and individual local regulations prohibit the removal of orange safety markings from all Airsoft guns.
  2. If the product is not purchased from a G&G Armament Authorized Reseller.
    (G&G Armament Authorized Reseller will carry a red G&G Armament Authorized Reseller sticker)
  3. Under G&G’s technician’s discretion if damage, deterioration, or malfunction resulting from:
    • Accident, act of nature, abuse, misuse, or neglect.
    • Opening or modification to the gearbox.
    • Failure to follow product’s user manual.
    • Repair or attempted repair by anyone unauthorized by G&G Armament..
    • Use in industrial, commercial, and/or professional applications.
    • Use of the product outside the country where the product was purchased.
    • Use of damaged batteries, faulty or misuse of BB’s, or unauthorized propellants.
    • Use in industrial, commercial, and/or professional applications.

What G&G Armament Will Do:

If the product is found to be defective by G&G Armament within the warranty period of 90 days for GG Series or 13 months for GT Series, G&G Armament will repair or replace the defective parts at our own discretion. In the event, a rifle cannot be repaired to like-new conditions, G&G Armament will replace the rifle with a brand new one. Our warranty covers the cost of all repair parts, labor and return shipping. The G&G Armament warranty does not cover shipping from the owner to 101 Tech USA facilities.

How to Obtain Service

In order to make a successful claim for warranty services, please refer to the requirements below:

  1. Contact your local retailer and check if they are able to make repairs.
  2. If your local retailer is not able to make (he repairs, contact the RMA Department at 101 Tech USA at
  3. Obtain an RMA # from one of the 101 Tech USA representatives and then ship the damaged or defective products to 101 Tech USA. All incoming shipping
    fees to G&G Armament are the responsibility of the owner.
  4. G&G Armament will cover the shipping cost back to the owner. In the event that G&G Armament determines the product warranty has been voided, the
    owner will be responsible for the cost of the return shipping.
  5. Please ensure the following in formation is included with your warranty claim:
    1. Full Name
    2. Address
    3. Telephone Number
    4. Email Address
    5. Brief Description of the Problem
    6. Copy of the original sales receipt