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101 Tech USA

In 1986, Guay Guay Trading Co. LTD (G&G Armament) was established in Taipei, Taiwan. From the very beginning, G&G Armament was a dealer of airsoft guns, action figures, and military/law enforcement equipment. Over the past decades, G&G Armament has evolved to become one of the biggest airsoft manufacturers in the world. With a global presence that spans into 57 countries, G&G Armament has made a name for itself.

In 2007, G&G Armament sought a U.S. distributor to expand their product line and chose 101 Tech as their exclusive distributor. Over the years, 101 Tech has been the direct cause for G&G Armament’s brand awareness and success in the United States.

Today, 101 Tech is a distributor of premium airsoft products, tactical gear and law enforcement/Military training equipment. Much of the success from distributing G&G Armament’s product line has resulted 101 Tech in expanding their operations and carrying other brands such as Nuprol, Polarstar, Mechanix, Benshot, LayLax, and DYE Precision. With a network of over 300 dealers, 101 Tech will continue its presence of being known as a premium distributor in the airsoft and military/law enforcement community.



Established in 1986, G&G has accumulated over two decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of airsoft guns, action figures, and military/law enforcement equipment, for airsoft gun and military enthusiasts all over the world.

G&G has rearranged its new line up starting year 2011. The two major subsidiaries under our flag are: GT and GC ; The other one is Mustang Outdoor and Tactical Gear.

Distribute to: United States

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We are a father and son team based in Wisconsin.

Our mission is to create unique glassware designs. The “Bulletproof” shot glass started as a father and son project and developed into a family business. Everything we make is our own design and 100% Made in the USA.

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DYE Precision

In 1994, world-renowned professional paintball player, Dave Youngblood, began making barrels in a garage with Earon Carter of Carter Machine. In the short timespan of ’94 to ’12, Dave has transformed DYE, or “Dave Youngblood Enterprises,” into the pinnacle of performance paintball products, with it starting with a single barrel, the Boomstick. Now Dye offers anything and everything for the sport, from socks and squeegees to high end loaders and goggle systems.

Today, Dye continues to innovate within the sport of paintball, constantly raising the bar and releasing revolutionary products.

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LayLax is a high-end airsoft aftermarket parts designer and manufacturer. Their PROMETHEUS line offers many different types of upgrades for your AEGs, from barrels to buckings to gears. Their NINE BALL line focuses on upgrades for all gas blowback pistols. LayLax offers more than just upgrade components for your AEGs or gas pistols—they also offer a wide selection of quality made-for-airsoft tactical gears, such as the products that can be found within their satellite, GHOST GEAR, and BATTLE STYLE brands.

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In 1991 The Original® glove was born. The brainchild of a legendary race mechanic that sparked a revolution for working hands. Championed by mechanics and pit crews at the 1991 Daytona 500, The Original® is the glove that started it all. Over 25 years later, Mechanix Wear’s deep roots in motorsports have grown into industries where skilled hands go to work every day. Mechanics, construction workers, trade professionals, service members and law enforcement all agree: Mechanix Wear is The TOOL THAT FITS LIKE A GLOVE®

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PolarStar Airsoft was formed in 2009 as a part of PolarStar Engineering & Machine with the goal of bringing our engineering experience and focus on quality to airsoft. Since then, PolarStar has made innovative airsoft products of the highest quality, designed and manufactured in the USA.

PolarStar products, including the patented Fusion Engine are designed by airsoft players, incorporating airsoft experience with the feedback of the community.

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