ARP 9 LayLax Prometheus Custom Parts

LayLax ARP 9 Recommended Hopup and Barrel
  • With these parts, the accuracy and muzzle velocity of your ARP 9 are greatly maximized.
  • Installation of all three parts will greatly optimize the airtightness of your barrel and hop up.
LayLax ARP 9 Recommended Gearbox Upgrades
  • With upgraded gearbox internals, your trigger's response rate will be greatly improved!
  • These parts are also extremely durable, substantially increasing the lifespan of your gearbox.
LayLax ARP 9 Recommended Spring
  • This spring greatly enhances the power of your ARP 9.
  • With a light pull and strong push, this spring applies an increased force to the gearbox cylinder, amplifying the velocity of the projectile.
  • This cylinder upgrade maximizes air capacity efficiency within the entire barrel.
  • The airflow is boosted to the maximum, intensifying air compression, which enhances the performance of your ARP 9.

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