Perun V2 Hybrid- Back Wired

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Perun V2 Hybrid- Back Wired
  • Works without the need for any modification with most V2 gearboxes in Tokyo Marui standard.
  • The trigger can be set to 5 sensitivity levels,ranging from very short pull needed to fire a shot, to a very long one. Nomodification to the trigger or the gearbox is needed and the trigger sensitivitychange is possible even in the field.
  • Introduces intervals between semiautomatic shots to comply withDMR rules on some fields.
  • Constantly monitors the replica and the mosfet itself. Incase of any problems, immediately lets you know what it might be, makingtroubleshooting much easier.
  • Will save your replica and battery in case of a majormalfunction. It will automatically disconnect the battery when a short circuit orblocked motor is detected.