G&G's First GATE-Integrated Rifle
G&G Armament TR16 Game Master Series Reintroducing G&G Armament's Show Yourself 2024!

The TR16 Game Master series are installed with G&G's newest MOSFET Integrated Reinforced Gearbox, integrating the MOSFET with the gearbox's design, giving more space in the stock and allowing a True Quick Change spring design.

The True Quick Change design allows you to easily change the spring by opening the rear stock and using just the included tool—no other additional tools or disassembly necessary!

All TR16 Game Masters are pre-installed with the GATE ASTER, replacing the standard G&G ETU and MOSFET while providing an unparalleled fine-tuning experience for your Airsoft rifle.

Contact your local Airsoft dealer today for availability and pricing!