A Guide to Compatible Parts — LayLax and G&G Armament

Here at 101 Tech USA, we carry more than just G&G Armament. LayLax, one of the most renowned companies in airsoft, manufactures high-end upgrade parts and aftermarket accessories. G&G Armament works closely with LayLax to provide parts specifically tailored to their platform. The following is a sample of just some of the G&G compatible parts offered by LayLax.


Arguably one of the most essential parts of the rifle, an upgraded AEG inner barrels provide a means to improve accuracy and, in some cases, increase FPS. Rifles come in different shapes and sizes, and LayLax has gone out of their way to tailor-cut lengths for many popular G&G models—ARP9, Fire Hawk, SRS, and SRL—to name a few. Not to worry, if your model was not listed, LayLax also offers many standard lengths in their line.

G&G X Prometheus EG Tight Bore Inner Barrel for ARP 9 [Left] and SRL [Right]


In addition to the inner barrel, an upgraded bucking and nub tensioner can also provide more consistent shots down range. LayLax offers premium rubber buckings with nubs for easier installation in any of your G&G AEGs. For the players who want to take the extra step in their upgrades, LayLax also offers straight bore buckings that can be paired with flat hop nubs to further increase precision and range.

LayLax Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Purple Bucking [Left], Straight Chamber Blue Bucking [Middle], and Flat Hop Up Tensioner [Right]


The housing for these components can be arguably as important as the parts themselves. LayLax has produced some of the more memorable hop up chambers in the market. To add to the line, they have recently released the Prometheus Elite CNC Hop Up Chamber for maximum performance. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, this hop up chamber features an arm guiding channel and tactile dial click to maintain consistency.

Prometheus Wide Use Metal Chamber [Left] and Prometheus Elite CNC Hop Up Chamber [Right]


Whether you are dialing in your latest build, or giving it a tune up, LayLax has your back. With a broad range to choose from, LayLax offers strength levels as low as M80 all the way up to M140. These make them perfect for any of your builds from SMG to DMR. To make it easier, LayLax has begun to release color-coded springs for easier designation.

LayLax Prometheus Non-Linear Color Coded Springs


The gears of an AEG have a critical role in the overall performance of your AEG. They take a lot of punishment throughout their lifespan, and ensuring you choose the right one for your build is essential.  LayLax offers a wide variety of standard 18:1 gears, high speed 13:1, and even triple torque for those very high FPS builds. These lines of precision cut, hardened gears are built for the job to suit your needs.

Prometheus EG Hard Gear: 13:1 High Speed Gears [Left] and Triple Torque Gears [Right]


The compression system of your build is critical for providing consistent and accurate shots. Reducing, and even eliminating, your losses in compression can be a daunting task when choosing what to use. Luckily LayLax offers a line of piston heads, cylinder heads, and spring guides all compatible with G&G AEGs. Out of the box you will see and feel the difference these will make.

G&G X Prometheus: Aero Cylinder Head [Left], Stainless Hard Cylinder [Middle], and Piston Head POM NEO [Right]

G&G Armament and LayLax strive to push the industry with their respective releases. Working together, they combine two of the most trusted brands in the industry that work perfectly together and will have you shooting lasers in no time. Whether you just purchased your first G&G AEG and are looking to step up your game, or you have been playing for years and want to perfect every bit of your build, we have what you need. Never forget to use all your resources, from online tutorials to your local techs or shops. This sport is always evolving and who knows what we have in store. Until then, good luck out there and best of luck to you on and off the field!