Operation Castle II 2022


DATES: September 09-11, 2022

LOCATION: Former Nevada State Prison in Carson City, NV

OP Castle II Map Layout


Unrest has begun to emerge in northern Nevada as the battle between Resistance Forces and the Corporation shifts from the warzone in California. A newly discovered secret nuclear research base has become the point of contention as these forces fight for control.

Safety Briefing Meeting


Taking place at the former site of the Nevada State Prison, Operation Lion Claws held Operation Castle II on the second weekend of September. At least 80 combatants participated as they fought their way through the high security holding pods. Within these cells were valuable intel and leverage that could be used to shift the tides of battle. Beyond gaining combative control of the area, each faction had to locate and secure the scientists that hold everything from vital resources and abilities to secret components that could be used to regain or further push control.

Corporation Preparing for Fraggo


While the battlelines were forged on the main field, strategic “fraggos” were conducted in other sections of the facility. With the discovery of intel, the locations of the highly active “Lutonium” were discovered. Forces raced to retrieve this essential material to either build or prevent vital nuke components from becoming harnessed. Due to the high volatility of the element, firearms were strictly prohibited for these ever important missions.

Props Used for OP Castle II: “Lutonium”, Data Discs, Timed Bombs


As tensions rose late into the battle, the Corporation began to consider the “nuclear option.” Scattering all the scientists as a diversion, they worked to eliminate the facility in order to keep the resources out of the enemy hands. With the sun high in the air and full of ash, the dust settled and all the pieces were laid out. Though both sides fought intensely, the results showed the Resistance Forces kept ahead of the Corporation troops to secure the victory!

Resistance Forces Preparing for Battle


For those up to the challenge that a Lion Claws event would offer, they occur year round and on both coasts. Expect the next one to be on November 12th titled “Cartel Wars: Jungle Warfare.” This will be held on the West Coast at Sanna Ranch, located in Santa Clarita, CA.

Corporation Forces Returning from a Successful Fraggo


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Photo of “The Yard” at the Former Nevada State Prison