Operation Castle – Realistic MIL-SIM within Prison

Lion Claws held Operation Castle, an event in which G&G Armament both sponsored and participated in with our experienced players, in Carson City, NV on Sept 9-11th. Players had an opportunity to play in an unique environment—a decommissioned prison. Although the prison cells were decommissioned, players were still inside an active prison complex which meant that attendees had to be mindful of their surroundings.

The game's premise was that Cartel's Sicario squads have infiltrated the prison compound where the infamous drug lord, Verduga, was being held. Armed and ready to regain their grounds, Tactical Assault Teams (TAT) must push their ways back into what was once theirs.

Scenario 1

Sicarios must attempt to occupy as many pods as possible in addition to holding role-player "guards" hostage while searching for the "Drug Lord." One Squad of six players as guards are in the yard and need to attempt to fend off the initial advance by Sicarios.  After a 15-min head start by Sicarios, TAT will attempt to rescue hostages. Only Sicarios members may respawn three times. After being defeated on their fourth time, they must be escorted to B Cell Block to be "imprisoned."

Scenario 2

Based on the outcome from Scenario 1, TAT will continue to attempt to quell riots and put Sicarios back in B Cell Block, and protect the Drug Lord. If a member of TAT is defeated, their respawn location is not in a fixed spot, but are in places that can be changed, depending on points that were captured near B Cell Block.

If Sicarios won the first scenario then they will continue to hunt for the Drug Lord, keep role-player guards hostage, and rescue captured Sicarios out of B Cell Block. If a member of Sicarios is defeated, their respawn point with be at Building 13.

Scenario 3

If TAT won Scenario 2, TAT would escort the Drug Lord and all 6 "wounded hostages" (actors or administrators of the event) from B Cell Block to back side of Building 12 for Extraction.

If Sicarios won Scenario 2, they would intercept the Drug Lord and all 6 wounded hostages.

Scenario 4

If TAT won Scenario 3, TAT will attempt an assault to recapture Sicarios and imprison them in B Cell Block. Hard regen—a fixed respawn point—will be located in the far end of Building 13.

If Sicarios won Scenario 3, they will respawn from B Cell Block as they will attempt to break out of prison by fighting their way to the back of Building 12 for extraction with hostages and gold bars.

Scenario 5

After a bloody Saturday, the prison administration will re-evaluate its tactic in retaking the prison or the cartels will adjust its tactics to regain control of the prison. TAT will try to imprison as many Sicarios as possible by returning them to B Cell Block while using the far end of Building 13 as hard regen.

After the conclusion of scenario 5, the game was called and players gathered together for the raffle. Over 150 players came from California, Nevada and Oregon for this unique game mode.

If you’re interested in attending and being a part of the next Lion Claws game, you can visit their website at https://oplionclaws.com.

Their next milsim game will be held on October 15th, 2021 in Carlisle, SC.

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