April Event Recap, Part 2

April 2022 Sponsored Events - Part 2

As the month of April wrapped up, so did two more events for us at G&G Armament. We continued to show off the all-new MXC 9 AEG and brought along a dressed up GPM1911CP as well. Some of the most keen-eyed players even noticed the slim MF106T muzzle flash tracer unit on display! Whenever you see us out in the field be sure to stop by and take a look at what we have to display. We may even have some giveaways for a special few. As things continue to open up, be sure to follow our social media platforms to know where we will be next!

Oregon Airsoft Arena Winter Expo

April 23, 2022

In the dense greenery of the Pacific Northwest comes the annual Winter Expo by Oregon Airsoft Arena. Located just west of Portland in the city of Hillsboro, the ever-evolving indoor arena offers not only Airsoft, but also other family friendly activities such as laser tag, GellyBall, and archery tag. Though this year it was pushed into spring, it was met with high enthusiasm from the player base and locals alike.

The morning of April 23 welcomed us with a rare sunny Oregon day, perfect weather for the hundreds of attendees we encountered. We brought the newest members of our arsenal to display including the soon to be released MXC 9 Enhanced AEG and GPM1911CP. The fair weather even allowed us to run a test fire range for the most curious of attendees. The rest of the Expo buzzed with the sounds of open play, other vendors, a player swap meet, and even a full inflatable test field for the little ones. Great weather, great people, and airsoft. Who could ask for more? Be sure to catch us at the next big event Terry has in store!

The Rock Airsoft / So Go G&G Armament Day

April 30 - May 01, 2022

The Rock Airsoft is a former rock quarry converted into an outdoor Airsoft field with a full city field, forest regions, and various points of interest scattered throughout the rocky landscape. Located in Bolivar 30 miles north of Springfield, MO, this massive venue easily hosted the 300 players in attendance for their yearly G&G Day. This year’s G&G Day included a special two-day “Red Dawn” inspired scenario featuring Russians forces invading US soil. The unsuspecting civilians found themselves rushing to arms, while US military forces mounted up for immediate combat.

Though the night ushered in a fresh layer of rain, the remainder of the day stayed rain free. This coupled with the enthusiasm from the players led to a great day. We kept all our newly released products on display with the drum mags for the MXC9 and SMC9 drawing much of the attention. The day ended with a raffle featuring exclusively G&G Armament, with 3 being specially engraved GPM1911.

Only 40 minutes south is Rock owners Jon and Lyn’s other location in Springfield: So Go Airsoft. They have a fully stocked shop and 2 indoor arenas with plans to expand to an outdoor section. You can talk shop with Reuben or Andrew and say hi to the newest but most energetic member, their pup Roxy. Be sure to follow their social media for exact open times. Expect us to return in September for the 6th Rock-A-Versary at The Rock. We hope to see you there!