Performance Perfected — G&G Armament's G2 Gearbox

Performance Perfected — G&G Armament’s G2 Gearbox

Part of G&G Armament's core values is our Top Five mantra. The Top Five stands for Future innovation, Finest quality, Fast Service, Free Items and Fair Price. Future innovation is the first value because it’s the most important one. We believe bringing new and exciting products to the market will not only make customers happy, but will also challenge other competitors to bring similar technology to the industry, thus enhancing the overall community for all of us to enjoy.

Our flagship line, Top Tech, is often coveted by avid players who wanted something more in their automatic electric gun (AEG) for performance. Top Tech AEG’s had metal receivers and better internals than our Combat Machine line for elevated performance. It was only a matter time when players required more out of their AEG.  What was once something sought in an AEG, later became obsolete as new technology emerged to make AEGs more finely tuned.

G2 Gearbox: The Next Evolution

We spent several years in studying the global market and understanding the needs of both experienced and entry-level players. We wanted to create something an elite player would use in a military simulation game but also give a new player an easy-to-use pre-upgraded AEG out of the box. After, our research and development team took all the feedback from our customers and dealers across the world, they went into work to re-design the traditional version 2 gearbox.

The G2 Gearbox was first introduced in 2017. We took the existing version 2 gearbox and strengthen its structural design by adding extra material in the front. We’ve increased the front of the gearbox’s height by 70% and the front width by 74% thicker to prevent any front-end cracking from overuse.

Other improvements were a 50 percent size reduction of the current metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) found in the Combat Machine SR Series and an increase to performance by 100%. Also, a built-in-speaker in the electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) to notify the player when the programming is properly synced. The ETU can be programmed to a 3-round or 5-round burst. Additionally, a warning sound will indicate when your battery is low to avoid any damage to your AEG. The warning sound can indicate the motor being jammed or spring cannot be compressed due to the low battery.

We upgraded the air nozzle with a double o-ring and cylinder head for improved air seal and compression, a quick spring change which allows a player to easily transit from outdoor and indoor feet per second (FPS) rules quickly and a redesigned bevel gear for better engagement and performance. New technology was also added with a firearm simulation system which prevents the player from dry firing with an empty magazine inserted or a removed magazine. The only way you can fire is by inserting a fully loaded magazine.

A G2 proprietary magazine design will activate the power cut-off when the magazine is empty. A functional bolt lock for easier access to the rotary hop-up unit. A follower is installed in each G2 magazine to ensure seamless feeding and to prevent any wasted BB’s from following out when the magazine removed.

G2/G2H Automatic Electric Guns (AEG’s)

Since the development of the G2 gearbox, it was only fitting we installed them in our new G2 flagship line of AEG’s. You can find them installed in our licensed rifles from Knight’s Armament (SR30, SR25 E2 APC and SR15 E3 MOD2) and Seekins Precision (BAMF Team). There are two variants of the G2 gearbox. One, is the standard version 2 gerabox designed for M4/M16 magazines to be inserted. The other is modified version 2 gearbox which is slightly longer and designed for a 308-style magazine to be inserted. Both are identical in performance but designed different to take different magazines

Some models with the G2/G2H gearboxes installed are TR16 SBR 308 MKII, TR16 SBR 308 MK1, TR16 MBR 308 M-LOK, TR16 MBR 556WH, TR16 MBR 308SR.

What’s Next for G&G?

G&G Armament has and continues to set the next standard of airsoft with future innovation. We pride ourselves in bringing players and dealers across the world with new and exciting products each year. We continue to expand our research and development team in order to meet the demands of an emerging market. Keep a look out next year where we will be showcasing some new products at Shot Show 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada and the IWA Outdoor Classic Show held in Nuremberg, Germany.