The Holiday Season — Great Stocking Stuffers

As the holiday season is right around the corner, you might want to start your holiday season shopping a bit earlier this year. If you haven’t heard, the current shipping congestion at the ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California are creating a jam of cargo ships that have interrupted the global supply chain. About 40% of all shipping containers entering the U.S. come through the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. With congestion at the ports, it will be harder to find products that are on your Christmas list.

In the case of G&G Armament rifles and pistols that are not available during the holiday season at your local airsoft store or online retailer, we manufacture hundreds of accessories and parts which make great stocking stuffers and are easy to find.


Every player needs magazines to play airsoft. Magazines are offered at various capacity levels for specific reasons. Drum magazines are generally available starting from a 1,500 round capacity and go up to 2,500 round capacity. Drum magazines are great for support roles in airsoft where the player will need to suppress the enemy while their teammates find cover or advance into position. 

ARP 9 Drum Magazine
ARP 9 1500 Round Drum Magazine (SKU: G-08-164)

High capacity magazines often come in new Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) rifles and range from 300 rounds to 450 rounds. High capacity magazines are great for new players for their simplicity.

M4/M16 450R Hi-Cap Magazine in Black
450 Round High-Capacity Magazine (SKU: G-08-008)

Mid-capacity magazines often range from 100 to 150 rounds. These magazines are great for military simulation (mil-sim) games and for realism training. Most G&G Mid-caps have a follower to ensure each BB is fed into the hop-up unit for smooth feeding when shooting.

M4/M16 120 Round Mid-Capacity Magazine
120 Round Mid-cap Magazine for M16 (SKU: G-08-101)


BBs are the ammunition required to take part in airsoft and players will have to make sure they have plenty of ammunition to play throughout the day/night. BBs come in various weights and compositions, for fields that require biodegradable BBs. G&G’s BBs are consistently manufactured to be 5.95±.01mm in diameter and are guaranteed to be jam-free, providing a perfect projectile to maximize the potential of your weapon system.

If you’re going to be playing indoors inside an arena, 0.25g non-biodegradable BBs will be the best optimal weight to use for gameplay. The G&G 0.25g BBs bottles come in 5600 rounds per bottle which is more than any other brand in the market.

G&G Armament 0.25g Perfect Bottled BB (5600 Rounds per Bottle)
.25g 5600ct (SKU: G-07-233)

We also offer various weights for fields that require biodegradable BB’s. For outdoor gameplay, we recommend going a little heavier. Our Bio 0.40g 2700 Bottled BB is the perfect weight to maximize the range of your AEG.

G&G Armament Biodegradable 0.40g Bottled BB (2700 Rounds per Bottle)
Bio .40g 2700 Round Bottle (SKU: G-07-269)

Tracer BB’s are great for low light and night games. We offer tracer BBs in two colors: red and green. 

G&G Armament Tracer BB 0.25g in Green (2700 Rounds per Bottle)
.25g Green Tracer BB 2700 Round Bottle (SKU: G-07-265)

Protective Gear

In any sport you play, protection of all major parts of your body is very important to maximize your enjoyment of the sport. Protective gear adds an extra layer of protection while playing airsoft. Depending on the age of the player, some players will require additional gear to keep them safe while playing. It also depends on the environment a player might be playing, you will want to be protected from the elements and any hazards located in the area. 

Gloves are a great way to protect your hands from being hit but also protect from any accidental falls from running from one point to another. The G&G Carbon Fiber Protective gloves are great for outdoor use because of its reinforced padding at the fingertips and its carbon fiber knuckle shell.

G&G Armament Carbon Fiber Protective Gloves
G&G Carbon Fiber Protective Gloves (SKU: G-07-179)

An alternative for indoor play would be the G&G Mechanix Gloves. The G&G Mechanix glove features a breathable mesh material to keep your hands cool and comfortable when in use. On the other side, it features a durable synthetic leather palm for exceptional grip and comfort. An industrial-grade hook and loop secure your wrist for a tight fit.

G&G Armament Mechanix Gloves
G&G Mechanix Gloves (SKU: G-07-249)

Shemaghs are versatile and can be used for various usages. They can be wrapped around the neck and/or lower face to add protection from any BB’s that might hit you. In cold winter months, it serves a dual purpose of keeping your body warm while playing. Shemaghs come in various colors and can be matched with any loadout you might have.

G&G Armament Shemagh in Yellow and Black
G&G Shemagh (Yellow & Black) (SKU: G-21-002)